// September 2022 

You are newly engaged & now…?

Then read this.

It’s that time! You’re newly engaged – your partner (or you!) popped THE question – First: congrats to you both! Ready for the next weeks or months? Please guys, don’t forget to take it slow and enjoy the engagement time because it’s not too long before you’re bombarded and overwhelmed with napkin & catering choices and listening to a lot of different options on how and what you should do for your wedding. My goodness, there are so many different weddings: small weddings, big weddings, weddings with more friends than family bc why to invite your third cousin when there was no contact for more than the last 10 years? Weddings with more family than friends bc all of your family members are your friends – whoop! However your wedding will look like and regardless of my career or not I want to encourage you: Please, go and get the photographer of your dreams!

You really have to trust your photographer on your wedding day. The only thing that will last are the photos… You will never wear this dress again, all of your food is digested – also your amazing wedding cake. There will be people you will never see again, sorry to say… But there will be photos. Photos that allow you to experience this day once more. See the happy faces, the tears of joy. Photos that show you, the couple that is excited about what will happen, the vulnerable one, the partying one. One day you will sit on your couch as an old couple and you will show your children or grandchildren or your oldest school friend those photos. Think about that. Think about the goosebumps all over your body when you will look at those photos living those moments again, it’s such a big thing, isn’t it? You need those moments, trust me.

The best way to feel comfortable on your wedding is to have an engagement session before. This is a way to break the ice and become familiar (and vice versa), to figure out if it’s just a or if it’s YOUR photographer. If it’s your photographer it will feel like you invited another friend to your big day and not this third cousin you never heard before. By the time that your wedding rolls around, you’ll feel comfortable (or as comfortable as you can be!) in front of a camera, because you have a new friend which you can trust, you know what will come, you feel safe.