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7 Amazing Ideas for Your Hot Summer Wedding

// November 2023 

Still undecided between a lush green setting or a beach backdrop? No worries, as long as it's under the open sky! But hey, remember to shield your guests stylishly from the sun! Ensure they're not just protected but looking absolutely fabulous!

From elegant fans to chic sunglasses and vibrant parasols, here are 7 Amazing Ideas that not only provide shade and cool vibes but also serve as fantastic accessories for your wedding photos.

Embrace the sun-kissed moments and let your guests shine!

1. Classic Fan

Timeless Elegance

the classic fan

These fans are more than just decorative – they're a refreshing breeze that ensures your guests stay cool and comfortable throughout the festivities.

A classic fan adds a touch of timeless elegance to during the ceremony. And at the party… picture this: your guests twirling on the dance floor, fans in hand, creating a magical and lively atmosphere. It's the perfect accessory for hot salsa and flamenco moves!

Let the classic fan be both: the practical & stylish hero of your hot summer wedding!

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2. Paddle Fan

Beach Chic Vibes

Paddle fan

Why opt for Paddle Fans instead of the classic ones? Let's dive in:

First of all: Be different! Surprise your guests with a non-classic fan.

Paddle fans bring a touch of coastal cool to your wedding aesthetic. Picture your guests gracefully fanning themselves with these stylish accessories, embodying the laid-back charm of a beach celebration. Capture those picture-perfect moments! Paddle fans make for stunning photo ops.

Also if it will be a really hot summer day paddle fans offer a larger surface area, creating a breeze that goes above and beyond.

Choose paddle fans for a breezy, beachy, and beautiful celebration!

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3. Hats & Sun shields

Style Statement

Straw Hats & Sun shields

Now, about that sun protection game – you've got fans, but why not take it up a notch with straw hats or sun visors for your guests? And the burning question – will it mess with the 'do?

Worried about the 'do? Fear not! Both straw hats and sun visors are designed to be hair-friendly. Your guests can enjoy the sun protection without compromising their fabulous hairstyles.

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4. Mini Paper Parasols

Chasing The Sun

Mini Paper Parasols

Mini paper parasols add a playful and picturesque element, ensuring every photo captures the joyous spirit of your sun-kissed celebration.

Picture your guests sipping cocktails under the Spanish sun, each one shaded by a delightful paper parasol. It's not just sun protection; it's a chic accessory.

Worried about the coastal breeze? Fear not! Mini paper parasols are lightweight and designed to sway gracefully with the wind, ensuring your guests stay shaded without any styling mishaps.

You can also add a pop of color, and let your Spanish summer wedding shine with colorful mini paper parasols!

PLEASE CHECK: The diameter of the umbrellas should range from 60-90cm/24-35inches

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5. Garden Parasols

Because Every Love Story Deserves a Grand Stage!

Garden Parasols

Giant garden parasols bring an air of sophistication to your outdoor celebration. Imagine your guests seated beneath these expansive umbrellas, creating a canopy of elegance against the Spanish sun. They don't only provide ample shade but also create stunning photo ops, ensuring your wedding album is a masterpiece of style and sunlit joy.

Beyond their functional brilliance, these parasols can be incorporated into your decor scheme: Imagine them suspended overhead or lined up along the aisle, turning your outdoor space into a picturesque paradise. Designate cozy cocktail corners under these garden giants. Let your guests sip cocktails and enjoy tapas in the cool shade, transforming your wedding into a Spanish fiesta that's as comfortable as it is chic. And as the sun sets, let the garden parasols create a romantic ambiance with some lights, allowing your guests to continue celebrating under the starlit sky.

From chic coastal vibes to bohemian elegance, here are the trending garden parasol styles to make your outdoor wedding picture-perfect:

5.1 Coastal Charm
Embrace the seaside allure with light, airy fabrics and neutral tones. Opt for oversized parasols in white or pastel shades to create a beachy and relaxed ambiance.

5.2 Boho Bliss
Infuse your celebration with bohemian flair by choosing garden parasols with vibrant patterns, tassels, or fringe. Earthy tones and eclectic designs will add a touch of free-spirited elegance to your wedding.

5.3 Classic Elegance
Keep it timeless with large garden parasols in solid, neutral colors like ivory, beige, or black. These elegant choices effortlessly blend with any theme, providing a sophisticated and refined look.

5.4 Tropical Paradise
Bring the tropics to your wedding with bold and colorful parasols. Think lush greens, vibrant florals, and exotic prints to transport your guests to a paradise under the Spanish sun.

5.5 Whimsical Romance Infuse a touch of magic with parasols adorned with lace, delicate embroidery, or romantic ruffles. These details add a whimsical and dreamy quality, perfect for a fairytale-inspired celebration.

Choose the garden parasol style that speaks to your wedding vision and let the sunlit celebration begin!

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6. Small Tents

Show off your Squad's Unique Style!

Small Tents

Small tents create cozy havens, offering an intimate escape for your guests amidst the beauty of the outdoors. Picture mini retreats where they can relax, chat, and soak in the magic.

Whether boho-chic, coastal cool, or elegant romance, these small tents serve as stylish accessories while keeping everyone cool and comfortable. Offer your guests a touch of luxury and style with small tents, creating an unforgettable summer wedding experience!

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7. Ceiling Curtains

Al Fresco Opulence

Ceiling curtains

Dine in opulence under the open sky. The ceiling curtains provide shade and a touch of luxury, ensuring your guests enjoy their meal in comfort and style.

Ceiling Curtains also adding a touch of enchantment to your dinner. Create a dreamy atmosphere with ceiling curtains gently swaying in the breeze. Transform your outdoor dining space into a magical haven, adding an ethereal touch to your wedding feast.

As the sun sets, let the ceiling curtains capture the warm glow, turning your dinner into a picturesque scene straight out of a Spanish romance. It's not just dinner; it's a visual feast!

Where can I find it?

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