A vintage wedding is about champagne towers, bundt cakes, classic cars, antique gold rings, sunglasses, candyfloss & hot dog stands – tell me you feel this vibe too, don’t you?!

From the glitz and the glam of the roaring 20s, the Hollywood glamor of the 50s to the carefree vibes of the 60s. – there are so many iconic looks to pull inspiration from. If you don’t know where to start go and ask your parents, grandparents and other mature relatives that will be only too happy to inspire you with photo albums from their own nuptials.

1 - VINTAGE WEDDING LOCATIONS | This really depends on where your wedding will take place. It could be a traditional church which screams vintage with its big glass windows, soaring arches, and influential art. Of course, there are also other options with some historical flare like country clubs or a barn or your parent’s garden if you want a free wedding ceremony.

Hochzeitsfotograf Stuttgart, Düsseldorf
Hochzeitsfotograf Stuttgart, Düsseldorf
Hochzeitsfotograf Stuttgart, Düsseldorf

For me, I would definitely want a pool where everybody can jump into at night. Oh, directly there comes this song from Bobby Darin to my mind: “Splish splash, I was taking a bath long about a Saturday night, yeah”.

A vintage location doesn’t mean to me that it has to be the oldest, most expensive church in town – like I said, it can be your parental home too, of course if there is enough space. Imagine… wouldn’t it be also a cute chance to recreate some old photos of your childhood???

2 - VINTAGE WEDDING DECOR | Not every single aspect of your wedding has to be vintage themed. Stay true to the tradition of something old, something new. Scour local thrift shops or your grandparent’s attic and mic these with contemporary elements so it feels like an homage to an era, rather than a costume party. Rent art deco furniture pieces like couches, chaises and chairs and create some lounge seating areas throughout your reception. If you’re planning a grand exit at the end of the reception, perhaps make your something borrowed a swanky vehicle. Rent a vintage car or truck to make the moment special. I have a feeling that your sweet ride make a lasting impression that your guests will leave raving about.

3 - VINTAGE WEDDING STATIONERY | Your save the dates and invitations will communicate the theme of your wedding to your guests so they can coordinate their outfits and gifts (if they choose to do so). Also think about your seating plan, table places, order of service, guest book and thank you cards – maybe include some polaroid photos? 😉

4 - VINTAGE WEDDING DRESSES | Visually the dress is of course something important. Choose a dress that speaks to you. Have a look in vintage stores. Oh, I have to tell you about a heartwarming story quick: I read an article about a vintage store which sells old wedding dresses. Each dress wears the original bride’s name and has information about how long and successfully the marriage was. HOW CUTE IS THIS?! Imagine you are wearing a dress of someone who was happily married for 50 years – what an honor would it be to wear her dress…

Hochzeitsfotograf Deutschland | Shari Lindenberger
Hochzeitsfotograf Stuttgart
wedding photographer Stuttgart

So how do you find the perfect dress for your vintage wedding?
You may go for a 20s stylish chic, the elegant 50s Hollywood glamor, or the carefree vibes of the 60s. Or maybe you just want a general vintage feel – sleek and sophisticated without too much era-specific paraphernalia? Do you research, find some inspiration and pick a dress that speaks to you.

5 - VINTAGE WEDDING CAKE | The standard style of vintage wedding cakes is usually white or off-white and multi-tiered, mostly with 3 layers. They tended to be adorned with white ribbon and icing decorations, usually designed to look like flowers, or a miniature if the bride and groom.

6 - VINTAGE WEDDING FOOD | Guys we are coming to the end with my favorite topic: the wedding food! *yay* What’s about fancy finger buffet at the evening reception? Any-one???

Feel free to let your imagination run wild:

- A sweet table designed to look like an old-fashioned sweet show with striped paper bags
- Bundt cakes gained widespread US popularity in the 50s
- Food vans like hot dog, candyfloss and ice cream stands (make your own funfair!)
- Picnic food like finger sandwiches and scones with jam and clotted cream complete with checkered tablecloth and retro picnic basket
- American 50s diner style burgers, fries and milkshakes!
- Decadent delights for some fizzy fun: A champagne tower that would impress F. Scott Fitzgerald himself

Okay, so you feel this vintage vibe now like I do?! And you want your vintage wedding photos in the same theme of course? Like some digitals in a dreamy, filmish look, some good old flash-vibe party photos, some photos on film and some polaroid? Maybe you think also about a cute coffee table photo album with some personal love notes? Is this exactly what you are dreaming about??? Message me if so, I think this can be a great match.

Check my Pinterest for some more inspiration - I am so thrilled to hear about your vintage wedding!

my kind of a vintage wedding

my kind of a vintage wedding