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Saiboat Trip – Pro’s & Con’s

// May 2024


Still undecided on where to stage the ultimate scene for your wedding invitation photoshoot?

☀️ Picture this: A sailboat gently gliding along the mesmerizing coastline of a sunny place, setting the stage for a one-of-a-kind experience. The wind in your hair, the sun kissing your skin, and love brewing in the air. From epic sunsets to candid moments, this ride promises to capture the essence of your love story with a dash of adventure. ⛵️

So what do you say? Ready to swap the ordinary for the extraordinary? ✨

But before you commit to the high seas, let’s weight the options. As a bona fide seafarer (yes, I do have a sailor’s ID 😎🪪) it’s my duty to highlight potential scenarios that might not go as smoothly as planned. 👇🏽

Hochzeitsfotografin Italien | Comer See (7)
wedding photographer Italy | Lake Como (8)
wedding photographer Italy | Lake Como (10)
Hochzeitsfotografin Italien | Comer See (4)
Wedding photographer Barcelona, Mallorca
wedding photographer Spain, Barceolona | Sailboat (6)
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🌅 Unforgettable backdrop:
Capture your love story against the backdrop of the shimmering Mediterranean Sea and its iconic skyline

🧡 Intimate moments:
Share intimate moments with your partner in a private setting, away from the hustle and bustle of the city

⛵️ Unique experience:
Create memories that last a lifetime with a one-of-a-kind experience that combines romance and adventure



🌊 Weather uncertainty:
Depending on the weather, there’s a chance of wind or waves affecting your shoot, so be prepared for some spontaneity!

📸 Limited space:
While sailboats offer charm and character, space can be limited, making it essential to plan your poses and movements in advance

🤢 Potential seasickness:
If you or your partner are prone to seasickness, it’s crucial to consider this before booking dour sailboat shoot

PHOTO: by Shari Lindenberger

Still weighing the options? 💭

💡Tip: if seasickness is the only concern holding you back, often there’s the option to shoot at the harbor or sail to the nearest port. It’s often a short journey and close to the coastline, offering a compromise without compromising the adventure.

Whether you’re drawn to the open sea or prefer solid ground, love knows no bounds! 🧡


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