Champagne tower?

Lets talk about Champagne Tower Alternatives at weddings: Aperol Tower, Whiskey- and Bourbon Tower, Espresso Martini Tower

3 Cool Alternatives!

// November 2023 

Yes, Champagne towers are currently "the real sh*t" at weddings! And I have to admit, I'm smitten by them too... But here's a question: Why fill it up with Champagne only?! Here are 3 ideas how you can stand out from the crowd! Surprise your guests with a different kind of a "Champagne Tower"!

Trust me: most of them haven’t seen them before!

1. Aperol Tower

Refreshing and colorful - perfect for a hot summer day.

Wedding Aperol Tower
photo: @reverieweddings_

Create the ultimate refreshment with a zesty and colorful combination of Aperol, Prosecco, and soda that will delight your guests.

The Aperol Tower isn't just a taste sensation; its vibrant orange hue is a feast for the eyes. It radiates a summery ambiance, fostering a relaxed and convivial atmosphere. This beverage is the perfect choice to beat the heat and kick the celebration up a notch, undoubtedly becoming an essential highlight of your wedding.

Cheers to the Aperol Tower, the drink that refreshes and beautifies your hot wedding day!

2. Whiskey & Bourbon Tower

Give your guests an unforgettable taste experience.

photo: @Anna Wright, Anna Kay Photography

Looking for a sophisticated addition to your wedding celebration? What could be more stylish than a Whiskey or Bourbon Tower to add an extra dose of elegance to your event?

As an experienced wedding photographer, I've witnessed countless trends and ideas, and this tower will undoubtedly be an unforgettable highlight of your occasion!

Cheers to the Whiskey or Bourbon Tower, the drink that enriches your wedding day with class and style!

3. Espresso Martini Tower

Party with your guests all night long. Thanks to this caffeine boost!

Espresso Martini Tower
photo: @stefaniebumaweddings ⁠

You're in for a long and exciting wedding celebration, and a little energy boost can go a long way to keep the dance floor rocking into the early hours. With the Espresso Martini, your guests will not only be refreshed but also energized to enjoy the night until the last dance.

The Espresso Martini Tower is more than just a drink; it's a statement. Its deep, dark hue and frothy topping give this cocktail an unmistakable elegance that will leave your guests delighted.

Whether you're coffee enthusiasts or simply looking for a unique and stylish drink for your wedding, the Espresso Martini Tower is a fantastic choice.

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Champagne Tower, Aperol Tower, Whiskey- and Bourbon Tower, Espresso Martini Tower at weddings

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