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Shoe clips

The Magic of Shoe Clips for a Stylish Start into the New Year

// December 2023 

As you step into the world, remember that fashion is your canvas, and every shoe choice is a brushstroke expressing your unique flair. Whether you’re turning heads at a New Year’s Eve party, embracing the vibrancy of statement brooches, or capturing the essence of Sex and the City with… MORE


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Birthday present ideas

Gifts for Everyone With a Fable for Design

// December 2023 

Get ready to infuse your birthday presents with a burst of style and sophistication! From beauty and fashion treasures to the cutting-edge allure of electronics and the jet-setting elegance of travel essentials, this gift guide is your passport to an elevated gifting experience. Discover trendsetting pieces and accessories that redefine style and make every day a runway… MORE


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Christmas Ornaments
- special edition

Dazzle Your Tree with Delight: Stylish and Witty Ornaments for a Festive Feast of Fun!

// December 2023 

Whether you’re a foodie, beauty queen, or sports fanatic, this collection of tree ornaments is here to bring joy, laughter, and a whole lot of style to your festive season! So, why settle for ordinary when your tree can be extraordinary? Get… MORE


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Advent wreath - the aesthetic way

10 Symphonies of Style

// November 2023 

Choose the allure of simplicity and the elegance of design for your holiday celebrations this year. Elevate your space with a stylish, minimalist advent wreath, a chic decor element that complements the modern aesthetics of your curated home. Imagine it gracing your sideboard, standing proudly beside… MORE


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Advent Calendar - Last minute

16 Cowntdown Companions

// November 2023 

No time or patience to craft your own Advent calendar? Stuck without 24 gift ideas? Say no more! These ready-made Advent calendars are the perfect solution for those on the go. Grab these fantastic last-minute options for… MORE


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DIY DECOR Advent calendar with style

Elevate your holiday decor with sleek aesthetics and curated surprises

// November 2023 

Elevate your holiday decor with sleek aesthetics and curated surprises. And beyond the daily surprises, these calendars are a statement piece for your home too. Arrange them on a mantle, a side table… MORE


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Black & White Elegance

// November 2023 

Who says the true beauty of a gift is only revealed when unwrapped? The secret often lies in the artful packaging. Unleash your inner Chanel muse and let the monochrome magic flow… MORE

candles & candle holders

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Christmas dinner at Tiffany's

Luxurious Christmas Table Decor Inspired by Prada & Chanel

// November 2023 

Hey, festive enthusiasts! Join me as I break down the process of creating a luxurious Christmas table inspired by the timeless styles of Chanel and Prada. Let’s turn our holiday feast into a glamorous affair! Here’s a detailed guide… MORE