wedding location for a pool party in Italy, Tuscany

Top 16 wedding airbnb's with pool in Italy/Tuscany for an epic pool party

// February 2023

We’ve all been caught in the endless late-night airbnb scroll, dreaming about spending some unforgettable summer days in a big mansion together with our besties. What better reason to fulfill this dream than the own wedding? Make your wedding unforgettable for everyone with an epic after wedding pool party! Pool + party + drinks + fun = what’s not to love?

+++ Photo idea +++
For sure you will have these moments captured?! Give a waterproof camera around and let your partypeoplezz make some classy “omg-what-happened-there-pictures”.

One of the best reasons for having a destination wedding is that you get to spend way more time enjoying the company of your friends & family than only the big wedding day. You will have the possibility to spend the day after with them, talking about what happened the last day and the keep the party going!

Think about how the day after in a sunny destination mansion could be: waking up after a dope party to the smell of fresh pancakes… you hear the whistling noise of the espresso machine, which means: coffee’s ready! You spend you the morning lazying around the pool enjoying the sun, talking about last evening. Okay, maybe some of you will be too hungover and need big sunglasses for covering your small, tired eyes from that bright light, got you! Grab your suffering-buddies and detox yourself from all that drinking.

You guys are explorer? Adventure seeker? Traveler who think outside the box??? Not many people will search on airbnb for a after wedding pool party location because they simply don’t know that wedding locations are listed on airbnb. Some of the venues you’ll only be able to book through airbnb. Before coming to the fun part showing some amazing airbnb’s here are a few tips for you if you think of throwing your wedding at a rental property:

- Let your host know that you’re planning a wedding. They’ll likely be extra accommodating when it comes to production on-the-ground and share red flags you’ll need to know to avoid added costs

- If you book a wedding planner, make sure that it’s a seasoned one. Renting a destination airbnb means following protocols, policies and rules you will may not be familiar with

- If you have questions, reach out to your host, planner, designer etc. For sure they will have excellent recommendations for floral designers, musicians, local caterers and more

- When you choose a photographer from another country than the wedding will take place make sure you ask a destination wedding photographer, which is experienced in traveling and worked already abroad

with your destination wedding photographer

There are so many couple out there who dream about getting married in Tuscany. By far it’s one of the most picturesque regions in whole Europe.

+++ Photo idea +++
Choose a cute café in beautiful Florence for a after wedding photo session. Enjoy an Italian espresso and a delicious pasta with your love while I will capture these cute intimate moments for you. The mild weather is also perfect for taking pictures: In summer it is not too hot and in the colder seasons you will still have pleasant temperatures. So prepare to get your wanderlust on, because these destination wedding venues are sure to get you packing your bags!

Wedding pool party in Italy | Here are 16 airbnb's for an epic after wedding pool party in Italy (Tuscany)

after wedding pool party in Italy

after wedding pool party in Italy

See you at your wedding in bella Italia!