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Bachelorette Party: 10 must haves for your goodie bag - beach edition. Heart shaped sunglasses, baseball caps, striped towels, hairclips, disposable cameras

Beach Edition – 10 Must Haves for Your Goodie Bag!

// November 2023 

Ready for the bachelorette party of your life? The countdown to the wedding is on, which means it's time to make your bachelorette party as legendary as possible!

Picture this: The sun is shining, the sea is sparkling, and you're on the beautiful island of Mallorca with your besties. Doesn't that sound like the perfect setting for the bachelorette party of your life?

Goodie bags for your bachelorette party are an absolute MUST! Who doesn't love a little surprise? Goodie bags are a delightful way to show your appreciation and share your love with your bride tribe. It's like unwrapping presents all over again!

Here are 10 ideas how you can fill them in style:

1. Bride to be Earrings

Time to Step out of Line!

Barbie Bride earrings for bachelorette party

First things first: Nr. 1 is only for you!

Bride-to-be, your bachelorette party should be an unforgettable day filled with joy and glamour. How could you shine brighter than wearing sparkling, pink statement earrings?

These glittering accessories are an absolute must-have for you as the bride to be. Allow yourself this touch of glamour and make your bachelorette party an unforgettable event. Show the world that you're the queen of the day and let the sparks fly!

Where can I find it?

2. Heart shaped sunglasses

The Ultimate Bachelorette Party Look

Bachelorette party

What should never be missing? Pink heart-shaped party glasses, of course!
These stylish accessories are more than just glasses; they are the ultimate party power for your girls' bachelorette party.

So, grab your girls, put on the glasses, and let the party begin! It's time to celebrate love and create unforgettable memories together.

Where can I find it?

3. Baseball Caps

JGA Squad Ready to Conquer the Day in Style

Bachelorette party baseball caps

The perfect addition to a bachelorette party goodie Bbg? Baseball caps!

Unlike many other bachelorette party goodies, the baseball caps can be worn even after the bachelorette party. They are versatile and go well with various outfits and occasions.

Where can I find it?

4. Sunscreen

Invest in your Skin's Best Friend.

Sunscreen for Bachelorette goodie bag

Include a top-notch sunscreen in the Goodie Bags, so everyone can enjoy their time without a sunburn and with a radiant glow. Protect your skin & embrace the sun!

Where can I find it?

5. Hairclips

Say Goodbye to Hair Troubles!

10 Ideas: Hair clips for bachelorette goodie baf

A fabulous addition to your goodie bags that will take your style to the next level: personalized hair clips! Make your crew stand out with hair clips that feature each girl's name or initials. It's all about that personal touch!

Keep your hair out of your face while enjoying the sun and sea breeze. Say goodbye to hair troubles! Your girls also can take these personalized hair clips home as a beautiful memory of an unforgettable time.

Complement your heart-shaped sunglasses, glittering pink earrings, baseball caps, and sunscreen with these trendy hair clips. You'll be beach-ready in style!

Where can I find it?

6. Temporary tattoos

Show off your Squad's Unique Style!

10 goodie bag ideas: temporary tattoo of the groom

Your style game just went up a notch! A delightful addition to your goodie bags that'll have everyone talking: temporary tattoos featuring the face of the future groom!

Surprise the girls a cheeky tribute to your hubby-to-be! Get ready for a whole lot of laughter and memorable photos. The groom's face tattoos are instant Instagram magic!

As the party winds down, these tattoos will be a fantastic keepsake of your adventure.

Where can I find it?

7. Tote bags

Tote-ally stylish

10 ideas goodie bag: bachelorette party, tote jute bag

With plenty of room, your girls can stash all their beach essentials and party goodies in these totes.

Where can I find it?

8. Disposable cameras

Capture the Fun!

10 ideas goodie bag: bachelorette party, disposable cameras

With disposable cameras you'll capture candid moments that your smartphones can't replicate. Relive the laughter and love for years to come! Unleash your creative side with fun and unexpected snapshots. You won't know what's on the film until it's developed, adding an element of surprise to your memories.

So, make sure you don't miss a single moment—add disposable cameras to your Goodie Bags. They're the perfect way to document your bachelorette and create lasting memories of your fabulous getaway!

Where can I find it?

Here are some reusable film cameras

9. Champagne cups

Cheers to the Ultimate Party!

10 ideas goodie bag: bachelorette party, moet glasses

Sip your favorite sparkling drinks with flair in these chic beach-friendly cups. Toast to the bride-to-be in absolute style!

These cups are not just for your bachelorette - they're perfect for future celebrations, picnics, and beach parties. A keepsake that keeps on giving!

Where can I find it?

10. Beach towel

Soak Up the Sun in Style!

Bachelorette goodie bags

These towels make a fabulous backdrop for your photos, whether you're lounging on the beach or striking a pose with your girls. Picture-perfect memories await!

Lay them out on the sand or use them as stylish wraps - it's all about beachside elegance! AND you can reuse them of course: use them as a chic sarong, a picnic blanket, or even as a cozy wrap on cooler evenings.

Where can I find it?

So, whether you're jetting off to a tropical paradise or celebrating closer to home, make sure to include goodie bags to add that extra special sparkle to your bachelorette party.

Get ready for a day filled with laughter, love, and unforgettable memories!

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