DIY DECOR Advent Calendar with style

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Elevate your holiday decor with sleek aesthetics and curated surprises

// November 2023

✨ Embrace the chic side of the festive season with a Stylish Design Advent Calendar! 🎄💖

Whether you're celebrating the bond of friendship or the magic of love, these calendars are the perfect way to show you care. Share laughter & create memories.

And beyond the daily surprises, these calendars are a statement piece for your home too. Arrange them on a mantle, a side table, or even hang them as a unique wall display. Their elegant simplicity blends seamlessly with any decor style, adding a festive touch to every corner. Who says countdowns can't be glamorous? Ready to add a touch of style to your Christmas traditions? 🌟

1. Goodie Boxes

24 Separated Square Boxes

Each box is a canvas of potential, ready to be filled with festive surprises that will make every day leading up to Christmas a delightful journey. 🎅🏼 🎄 Embrace the simplicity of white elegance combined with the bold statement of the black numbers, creating a modern and eye-catching display that stands out in any room. 🔠

Materials Needed:

⭐ 24 White Square Boxes:
Find some square boxes in a uniform size. Opt for crisp white for that touch of winter wonder.

⭐ Black Number Stickers or Cards:
For that sleek, modern look, use black number stickers to label each box. Alternatively, get creative by using stylish black cards with attached strings for a more rustic charm.

⭐ Fillings:
Personalize each box with treats, tiny trinkets, love notes, or even mini DIY surprises. The possibilities are as endless as your imagination! From cozy winter socks to adorable handmade ornaments, let your creativity shine.

Once filled, you can either stack the boxes for a whimsical tower effect or place them neatly in a row for a classic look. Either way, they make a stunning display on a table or sideboard.

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24 Separated Boxes - In Big Box

Unbox the magic with a pre-made advent calendar! 📦💖

Consider a chic cardboard box, containing 24 smaller boxes for your personal touch.

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By the way, you can also customize your boxes individually using a plotter machine. The shimmering vinyl text adds a super elegant touch to the boxes. PLUS: With this device, you can personalize various items such as glasses, boxes, cloth napkins, notebooks, and much more. Let your creativity continue to flourish even after Christmas.

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24 Separated Boxes - In Giftbox With Stylish Front

Or, take it up a notch with an unfoldable gift box - add your own 24 cardboard boxes inside for a touch of customizable charm. Print a suitable magazine-style image and fix it to the frontside. This ensures a stylish accessory in your apartment, perfectly showcased amidst other fashion magazines, picture frames, and vases. 📸📖

Embrace the allure of luxury as you unfold the box, complete with a ribbon-adorned swinging door. 🎀✨ For that extra touch of opulence, attach a petite black bow to each of the 24 inner boxes. It's all about creating a festive spectacle tailored to your space and style! 🏡🎄

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24 Tiny Matchboxes - Hanging On The Wall

Each matchbox, like a tiny treasure chest, holds the promise of daily delights. Get ready for a wall-mounted wonder with this unique twist on the classic Advent calendar!

Materials Needded:

⭐ 24 White Matchboxes:
Gather small white matchboxes, creating a charming canvas for your daily surprises.

⭐ Black Number Stickers or Handwritten Numbers:
Add a touch of sophistication with black number stickers or, for a personal touch, handwrite the numbers with a bold marker.

⭐ Fillings:
Fill each matchbox with delightful treats and surprises. Think chocolates, small trinkets, or even tiny notes filled with holiday cheer.

⭐ String or Twine:
Attach a length of string or twine to each matchbox, creating a unified look and allowing for easy hanging.

⭐ Wall Hooks or Adhesive Clips:
Securely affix wall hooks or adhesive clips to the wall where you plan to display your calendar.

⭐ Hang with Care:
String each matchbox along the wall, ensuring a visually pleasing arrangement. The suspended boxes create a dynamic and festive focal point.

Get creative with the arrangement - create a Christmas tree shape with the matchboxes or spell out a festive word!

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2. Tree-Hanging

Metallic Marvels

Imagine a jewelry stand or towel ladder adorned with metallic-hued gift tags, inviting you to handpick your daily delight. Brace yourself for a display that transforms your space into a shimmering showcase with this innovative take on the classic Advent calendar!

Materials Needed:

⭐Metallic Marvels:
Gather metallic-hued gift tags, setting the stage for a daily touch of holiday magic, all in a clean and sophisticated design.

⭐ Choose Your Daily Joy:
Each day, curate your own surprise, turning this modern calendar into a daily ritual of self-discovery and joy.

⭐ Activity Surprises:
Infuse small notes or personalized messages on the flip side of some tags, turning each surprise into a moment of personal connection.

Here are 10 cute Ideas:
1. Sushi Date Night! 🍣 ✨
2. Cozy Blanket Movie Marathon! 🎬 🛌
3. Paint and Sip at Home! 🎨 🍷
4. Winter Wonderland Picnic at Home! ❄️ 🍵
5. DIY Dessert Bar Delight! 🍨 🍰
6. Retro Game Night Blast! 🎮 🕹️
7. DIY Pizza Party! 🍕 🎉
8. Spa Retreat!🌸 💆‍♀️
9. Crafting A Bracelet Masterpiece! 🎨 💫
10. Breakfast in Bed! 🥐 ☕️

⭐ String or Twine Elegance:
Attach a length of string or twine to each tag, creating a cohesive and visually striking look while allowing for easy hanging. 💡DIY Tip: Experiment with the arrangement, creating a clean and modern holiday display that resonates with your unique style.

You can also simply buy metallic sheets in your favorite colors and cut or punch out the name tags yourself.

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More Tags Inspiration:



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Small Packages

Hang 24 perfectly packaged treasures from the branches of your choice. 🕊️ Whether you opt for individual twigs in a vase for a minimalistic touch, or go all out with an entire tree, it all depends on your space and the level of calendar glamour you're aiming for!

If you're tight on space, a few elegantly adorned branches on a tabletop or shelf can be just as enchanting.✨

Materials Needed:

⭐ White Branches:
Order or gather a few large, clean branches for that winter wonderland charm.

⭐ Faux Cherry Tree with LED Lights:
Add a touch of magic with a faux cherry tree wrapped in twinkling LED lights.

⭐ 24 Wrapped Gifts:
Small and delightful, these treasures will dangle from the branches.

⭐ Thin Ribbon or String:
Securely tie the gifts to the branches, creating a whimsical display.

⭐ Vase or Tree Stand:
Depending on your preference, choose a big stylish vase for the individual branches.

⭐ Arrangement:
Determine your space and let your creative juices flow. Whether it's a tabletop or a corner of the room, make it uniquely yours

Lay out your Pantone cards on a flat surface before mounting to create a visually appealing arrangement. Experiment with color gradients or create a pattern for an extra touch of aesthetic magic!

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Big Packages

Choose this kind of straight hanging option for an absolute minimalist vibe. Attach 24 petite, wrapped treasures along the rungs with a delicate ribbon for that perfect mix of chic and festive.

Materials Needed:

⭐ Metal Stand or Towel Ladder:
Choose between a sleek metal stand or a trendy towel ladder, depending on your style preference.

⭐ 24 Wrapped Gifts:
Small treasures that will dangle from the rungs, adding a touch of holiday joy.

⭐ Delicate Ribbon or Twine:
Securely tie the gifts, ensuring they stay in place.

⭐ Arrangement:
Assess your living space to decide whether a divided stand or a ladder suits your aesthetic and available room.

Add an extra layer of "extra" by numbering each wrapped gift with spelled-out numbers. Also maybe in a different language? Create a daily guessing game or a scavenger hunt by giving subtle hints about the hidden surprises. It's not just about the gift itself but the thrill of the discovery that makes your DIY Advent Calendar truly unforgettable!

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3. Wall Placed

Pantone Color Cards:

Dive into a world of color with a box of 100 Pantone color cards 🌈 Choose your top 24 shades that scream "home sweet home" or match your aesthetic vibes.

Materials Needed:

⭐ Pantone Color Cards:
Order a box of 100 Pantone color cards.

⭐ Favorite 24 Colors:
Choose the hues that resonate with your home or simply make you smile.

⭐ Marker or Pen:
Jot down those delightful activities on the back.

⭐ Double-sided Tape or Adhesive Squares:
Keep those cards securely on the wall without the fuss. Ensure a seamless wall display without damaging your paint.

Lay out your Pantone cards on a flat surface before mounting to create a visually appealing arrangement. Experiment with color gradients or create a pattern for an extra touch of aesthetic magic!

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4. Fair Edition

Golden Bingo Magic

Embark on a whimsical adventure with this special DIY Advent Calendar idea featuring a golden bingo machine with 24 opening bingo balls! 🎱🌟

Materials Needed:

⭐ Golden Bingo Machine:
Find a golden bingo machine that fits your aesthetic. Check online marketplaces or local stores for this unique item.

⭐ 24 Opening Bingo Balls: 🎉🔮
Ensure the bingo machine comes with minimum individual opening balls or put at least 24 balls on your list. Each one will be a delightful surprise waiting to be discovered.

⭐ Gorgeous Gutscheine (Vouchers): 🎁
Prepare 24 vouchers, each containing a special activity or treat for the day. Get creative! Here are some Ideas:

+ + +  Jump to Nr 3. „Tree-Hanging – Metallic Marvels“ for some cute Ideas: + + + 

⭐ Gorgeous Gutscheine (Vouchers): 🎁
Prepare 24 vouchers, each containing a special activity or treat for the day. Get creative! Here are some Ideas:

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or the most simple way: just put 24 voucher on the sideboard and pick one everyday.

Make for Christmas a unique one!

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Big Wheel

Dive into the world of whimsy with this extraordinary DIY Advent Calendar featuring a wooden Ferris wheel with 12 gondolas, ready for your own magical touch! 🎡🌟

Materials Needed:

⭐ Wooden Ferris Wheel Kit: 🪚🎡
Hunt for a wooden Ferris wheel kit with 12 gondolas.

24 Voucher/Tickets: 🎫📝
Prepare 12 voucher or tickets for each gondola with unique activities, treats, or messages. Add an extra 12 for the second round on the 12th night.

+ + +  Jump to Nr 3. „Tree-Hanging – Metallic Marvels“ for some cute Ideas: + + + 

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May your December be filled with the excitement of daily surprises. Whether you're sipping hot cocoa by the twinkling lights or unwrapping a thoughtful gesture each day, may this DIY Advent Calendar season bring you moments of pure joy and connection.

Wishing you a festive season filled with creativity, laughter, and the magic of the holidays. Happy crafting and a joyful countdown to the most wonderful time of the year! 🎅🌟

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