// Januar 2023

So you’ve got a James Dean day-dream-looking groom by your side and you want to exit in style from your ceremony with an old getaway car wearing some vintage sunglasses just for the extra vibe? Then my dear you just might have everything you need for an iconic wedding that stands the test of time!

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Here are some wedding ideas, vintage-inspired with a modern vision. Ready, steady, go.

1 –Let’s Talk About Jewelry
You can’t go wrong with antique gold jewelry and pearls – layer it up to give it a contemporary twist. But what is about some colored eye-catcher?! While colored accessories aren’t necessarily the traditional option for brides, I think strong accents would give some extra spice. And in my point of view as a wedding photographer, those little color spots would highlight each photo! Vintage jewelry in colored stones like sapphire is favored by the Duchess of Cambridge as well as Katie Perry. It’s a new style with its roots embedded back centuries.

2 – Drinks and Food
There are one of those wedding day details that guests will definitely remember. Go for a Champagne Tower! Let’s be honest, the champagne tower has taken over 2022 and I’m not mad about it! Champagne towers have that Gatsby-inspired vibe that looks undeniably cool and chic – there’s probably no better way to serve up your fizz. Let your guests know the party has started and it can be used in lieu of a wedding cake if sweet treats are not your thing. And if you’re not a huge fan of bubbly champagne you can think about an assortment of whisky for a tasting maybe.

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Just a quick question here: Do you have space at home for a popcorn machine? If your answer is yes think about buying one directly instead of renting one, they make such a great memento of your wedding day! And guys, I mean: who doesn’t want freshly popped popcorn at home?!

3 – Edgy and fun
For your ultimate vintage wedding fashion, draw inspiration from wedding days and channel the icons like Marylin Monroe or Priscilla Presley when she married King of Rock ‘n’ Roll, Elvis. Get inspired and create a statement look of your own!

Hochzeitsfotograf Stuttgart, Düsseldorf
Hochzeitsfotograf Stuttgart, Düsseldorf
Hochzeitsfotograf Stuttgart

Whether you decide to have a glam celebration or an intimate elopement, one way to share your cheeky, rebellious side is by visiting a local tattoo parlor or an artsy café.

You also want to exit in style? Instead of the classic car, you can also choose to ride off into the sunset on a motorbike! Grab your sunglasses for the extra vibe and hop on!

4 – Write you Vows on Paper
There comes this memento you were waiting for so long. And then there it is: you stay in front of the person you will spent your whole life with. Make this moment as magical as possible and write your vows on paper instead of your phone or print. Is there something more personal than a handwritten love letter? Keep it in your jewelry box as a reminder of the promise you made to each other.

5 – Get inspired with stationery
Your stationery is the very first place you’ll want to show off your vintage wedding style. Think about handmade paper with deckle edge, chiffon ribbon and calligraphy which lens an air of elegance and aesthetic to your invites.

For the little extra: One of my favorite ways to give the wedding stationery the final touch is by using vintage stamps.

So guys, what are you waiting for? Grab your best friend jump on your motorbike and get ready to roll into your wedding in style!